Bonus! Special Earth Day Episode

polar bear

Earth Day is April 22! You may not know this, but all of us *love* the earth. It’s where all the animals we love live! In this episode we talk about five different animals (polar bear, Adelie penguin, sea turtle, coral, and monarch butterfly) and how they’re affected by climate change. This made us a little sad, so we also came up with five ways that all of us – even kids! – can make a difference.

No creature quiz this time guys, but submit your idea for how you can make a difference – or better yet, send a picture! – and we will send you a sticker.

This episode is done in conjunction with some other Kids Listen podcasters. Check out Earth Day episodes from Ear Snacks, Little Stories for Tiny People, and Tumble Science Podcast for Kids.

Find the episode here.


Twitter: @coolanimalspod

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